Motor Car Insurers

The motor car insurance industry is huge and booming, helped by business finance sites such as Even though insurers complain that over 50% of insurance money goes towards repairs; and more than 22% towards claim settlements, many of them are still in operation. None have closed shop either even though there have been mergers here and there. The bad news hasn’t stopped new companies from coming up. The motorist has more to choose from and with hundreds of companies in operation, one can easily get lost when trying to find an insurer.

Motor car insurers can be broadly categorized into two groups: those that provide general car insurance policies and those that specialize in particular policies. General insurance providers are everywhere and are easy to find. Specialist providers are trickier to find but have obvious advantages over their general provider counterparts. They tend to specialize in policies such as
- Women’s car insurance
- Young drivers’ car insurance
- Modified car insurance
- Students’ car insurance
- Motor insurance for learners over 55
- Convicted drivers’ car insurance
- Senior drivers’ car insurance and many more.

In most cases, specialists give lower prices because their target is a niche market. To become leaders in the area, they lower their rates so as to win more customers. They also tend to have high quality services because they are focused on one package and not 50 different plans. They will also customize your policy to meet your specific needs. Some general providers are able to compete with specialists on these strengths.

Most companies do not have an all-round-package when it comes to insurance. If their prices are right, their coverage may be a little wanting. If the coverage is perfect, the benefits may be lacking and so forth. Still, there are companies that have managed to outdo their competitors in all aspects. These are the best companies to buy insurance from. However, hard work on your part is required in order to find them.

Use insurance comparison websites to find the best insurer. Comparison websites are best for when you want to filter a large number of insurers. Alternatively, you can use a car insurance agent or broker. These have access to a wide number of providers and will find you the best insurer in a matter of minutes. An insurance advisor or consultant can also give you great insight in the best motor car insurers for different policies.

What qualities should you look for in a motor car insurer?

1. Financial rating. Insurance companies are kept going by finances so for them to provide services well, they must be financially stable. There are a number of agencies on which you can check insurance company ratings. You are safe dealing with companies with a B+, A or A+ rating. These ratings show that from current situations and future projections, a company is financially stable. This is very important because you know you have invested in a stable company. It can be rather discouraging to buy insurance only for the insurer to go into bankruptcy within a year.

2. Coverage, price and benefits. These three go hand in hand. Check the coverage offered in their policy. Is it adequate? A good provider is one who offers sufficient coverage after assessing your insurance needs, even making adjustments so the policy can suit you better. They should have priced their policies fairly such that they are a better choice when you compare them with other companies.

Benefits usually refer to extras that the insurer gives you at no additional charge. Do they provide roadside assistance and a courtesy car? Will they require you to pay additional money for repairs? If the company does not provide these, you could end up spending a lot to settle them out-of-pocket which is what you are trying to avoid in the first place by buying car insurance.


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